Monday, February 28, 2011

Stage 3

Were staying in the mountains again this week.  Tomorrows stage, "the Hunted" is all about solo effort.  Ive done this workout a number of times and its a good one.  Some of the best footage we've seen so far and one LOOONG climb.

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You’ve never really been one for hanging out in the pack. You need – you ARE – the escape artist. You crave that feeling of determination when you try to get away. The sensation of joy as your freedom is granted and the gap grows. And you fear that sinking feeling of desperation as you try to hold on to the line as the pack chases you down. Hope. Honor. Glory. Featuring officially licensed footage from the 2010 Tour de Suisse and 2010 Tour de Romandie, The Hunted takes you through it all. Can you ride above yourself and ride to victory?

The Workout
Where the other ‘fest videos have short, nasty and high power intervals, The Hunted is something else all together. Focused on longer, less intense efforts, it gives you a solid threshold workout that still manages to drain you of everything you’ve got. Here’s what happens:
  • 6:30 warm-up: Gradually up the pace, over the intro,  footage from a group ride in California, and some pack riding in the Tour de Suisse.
  • :30 attack: A violent effort to get away from the complacent peloton.
  • 5:00 solo-breakaway tempo riding: You’ll ride at effort level 7/10 with Marco Pinotti as he plows through the TT course of the Tour of Romandie.
  • 20:00 climb: Caught by the group, you’ll start a long, difficult climb in the group, then in a small breakway and ultimately alone as you ride with Robert Gesink over the queen stage in the Tour de Suisse. Efforts range from 7/10 to 8.5/10.
  • 4:00 downhill: This isn’t a time to rest…especially when you’re solo trying to hold off the chasers! You wouldn’t get to take it easy in a race, so I don’t want to hear any whining. You’ll take the resistance off but you’ll ramp that cadence up to 115+ to train some fast pedaling technique.
  • 5:00 small group: Caught by three other riders, you’ll swap off the front in a small breakaway as you hurtle toward the finish line, while the pack looms behind. Effort of 6.5 to 7/10.
  • 5:00 inverse intervals: As you’re the sort who goes for the big glory, you’ll attempt to attack and shed your breakaway companions. You’ll do :50 tempo, then :10 attack, then :40 tempo/:20 attack, :30 tempo/:30 attack, :20 tempo/:40 attack, :10 tempo/:50 attack
  • ?: It wouldn’t be the ‘fest if there wasn’t a small (small) sting in the tail now, would it?
  • 4:00 warm-down

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