Whats an indoor stage race?

To be honest, its really only a race in a metaphorical sense.  There will be no winners and no prizes.  But ultimate goal for those showing up should be victory, just not on a trainer.

What this IS is a chance for cyclists to train hard together during a winter that has been anything but friendly to outdoor rides.  Its indoor group trainer riding, just with a cool name and a website to make it seem more fun.

Bring your trainer and bike, ride with friends, kick your own ass watching some race footage and riding some intervals, and feel like a champ the rest of the day, thats what we are going for here.  Oh, and if you do it right it will also make you faster when the snow eventually melts.

All "stages" will be held at the Bikes Not Bombs Hub at the Brewery complex in Jamaica Plain.  The only entry fee is a suggested donation of $5 per person, which will support BNB.

Stages will be held weekly on Tuesday mornings from 6:30-8:00AM.  There will be video to watch, music to listen to and a structured workout (which you may ignore if you just like video and music).