Monday, February 21, 2011

Stage 2, Tuesday Feb 22

Stage 2 is on for Tomorrow morning!

This weeks stage is "Angels" from thesufferfest.  The music is less Techno and more Alt-rock than last week.  This is a climbing workout, with the focus on 8 minute climbing intervals.  This workout features everyone's favorite spanish beef inspector and current former Tour champ Alberto Contador as well as the Jungle Cat-like Andy Schleck.

Full workout details and preview below.  As we did last week, doors will be open at 6:30am, folks can setup and warmup to entertaining youtube/vimeo clips of bike racing, we will start the main workout before 7am.  We will be wrapping up by 8am.

Plenty of parking in the brewery lot or on the surrounding streets.  As always, donations to support BNB programing are appreciated!  (come on, they are letting us stink up their offices every week!)

If you were eating lunch, 8 minutes wouldn’t seem like a lot of time. If you were relaxing on a beach, it would be cruel to only be there 8 minutes. If you were doing one of the 8 minute climbs in Angels, you’d swear to every god you can think of that it’s never going to end, that time has slowed down dramatically and that you’d rather chop your legs off than go through another second of that 8 minute eternity.  You know, we waited a while to create a Sufferfest dedicated to climbing because we didn’t have the perfect blend of workout, footage and music. But we’ve finally created it here. Something you’re probably not going to be too pleased to hear. But, if you want climbing and the kind of agony that makes you really, really, really fast…’ve got it. What other cycling dvd anywhere pits you against 3x Tour de France Winner Alberto Contador (and giro winner, and Vuelta winner, and and), puts you in a break with Luis Leon Sanchez or asks you to stay with Andy Schleck when he makes his winning move in the 2009 Liege-Bastogne-Liege?
The Workout
You want details? Here they are. This is what Angels delivers in just slightly over 60 minutes:
  • 6:30 warm-up, featuring footage from track racing in San Diego
  • 10:00 of over/under intervals, with 1:00 just above your threshold, and 1:00 just below threshold, repeated 5x. Featuring footage from the 2009 Paris-Nice when Alberto Contador got, gasp, dropped by just about everyone!
  • 3:00 rest, featuring some beautiful descending footage from, effort level 4/10.
  • 8:00 climbing, while you try to stay with Andy Schleck in the 2009 Liege-Bastogne-Liege. Effort level starts at about 7/10, attacks take you up near 9/10, until setting down to 7/10 for most of the rest.
  • 4:00 rest with more descending, effort level 4/10.
  • 8:00 climbing, with a gradually increasing pace up the famous Col d’Eze in the 2010 Paris-Nice, featuring Vockler, Contador, Sanchez…yeah, all the big boys. You do the first two minutes at 6/10, next two at 7/10, next two at 8/10 and the last two at 8.5/10. There are a few accelerations in the group that ask you to increase cadence without increasing effort….which can be a little tricky, as you’ll find out.
  • 4:00 rest with more descending, effort 4/10.
  • 8:00 climbing, with the freaking mother of all climbs: Alpe d’Huez…can you stay with Contador in the 2010 Dauphine-Libere? You start the climb bridging up to the break with an effort level of 8/10. Then you pretty much do 8/10 the whole way up. Oh, wait, I forgot about the bajillion attacks that push you so far into the red that you’d swear your eyes are bleeding.
  • 4:00 warm down featuring a sort of motley arrangement of things to keep you entertained. Including the first Sufferfest xtranormal video. Oh boy.

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